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Classical Music from 1550 to 1963

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Classical Composers Beethoven Tomaso Albinon
Classical Musicalworks Mozart Isaac Albeniz  
Pyotr Tchaikovsky Bach Charles Valentin Alkan
Tor Aulin Johann Strauss Edvard Grieg  
The  UK Classical Radio Station is based on Planet Earth we are not from Saturn, Mars or ROK and do not have anything to do with Simon Cowell or with SYCO Media or Rok Stars

About UK Classical Radio
The Uk Classical Radio Station is the latest edition to our UK Vintage Radio Network of quality radio stations. That provide quality music and radio shows recorded and publically performed prior to 1962.

The Uk Classical Radio Station hopes to build on the outstanding success of The UK 1940s Radio Station  that launched in 2010 and also that of The UK 1950s Radio Station which followed in 2015

 Our aim is to build up an extensive  archive of quality original remastered recordings, and high quality  creative commons recordings of classical works from master composers works written between 1500 and 1906.

Educational Services
All programme content is available for educational purposes for Schools and Museums please contact for further details.

    The UK Classical Radio Station Part of The UK Vintage Internet Radio Network.
The UK Classical Radio Station
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